2012 GL1800 Lower Cowl Light Inserts

If you look on the Honda website for the right lights to fit your 2012+ GL1800 lower cowl they tell you to fit the same round lights that fitted the 2001-2010 models on the new bike.

Well they fit but you have a round peg in a square hole and this leaves an unsightly, unfinished gap around the lights that just does not look right.

So you have a choice you can buy a old model lower cowling with round holes or you can use our new custom made inserts.

These custom moldings slip inside the cowling and give a factory finished look.

At present we only sell these in a durable black plastic form but they can be easily painted using any plastic suitable paint or just left plain black.

Adhesive is not always necessary but we do recomend using a silicone adhesive should you choose to do so.

Available in 2 opening sizes 70mm and 75mm please use the diagram below to decide the size that nearest suits your lights, the lights do not need to fit through the hole. (All our pictures show the larger 75mm opening) the inserts are also easy to trim to suit other sizes.


2012+ GL1800

2013+ F6B

2014+ Valkyrie





2012 GL1800 Lower Cowl Light Inserts
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